2014 Power Plant Festival

This is what we know so far… We need Volunteers to Plant Trees! Bands are welcome to Join by contacting thebosswoodband@gmail.com!Power Plant 2014 Card Stock

The Bosswood Tree Initiative is a commitment to action in the effort to establish maturing trees in needed areas. Our current project is an event set for the weekend of Arbor Day 2014 (Friday, April 25). The main tree planting effort will be held the following day, 4/26/14, which is a Saturday. We will need refreshments, volunteers and donations. We are working with Columbus Recreation and Parks to replace trees that were removed due to the Emerald Ash Borer damage that has occurred in Nelson park and elsewhere. We are going to plant 25+ healthy new trees in Wolfe Park on that Saturday, so please join us! We are also seeking donations so that we can provide trees and assistance to the other groups helping with the effort. There is far too much to be said about this important issue. On the environmental side, the Brazilian rainforests are being decimated because of cattle farming and other development, and even though we are moving toward a digital society, there is still a high demand on our forests for building products and packaging. 1 step we can take however, is to plant trees locally by replenishing our designated park lands, other needed areas and through sustainable development.
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